For your IT Agility and Maximum Efficiency

Azure Stack HCI

Pay-Per-Use CSP licensing

Best-performing Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) solution on the market

Hyperconverged Solution for:

Scalable Virtualization and Storage

Remote Branch Office Management

High-Performance Workloads

Truly 2-node HCI design for ROBO

Why Azure Stack HCI?

For Your IT Environment

While cloud hosting is popular, many businesses still operate in a traditional way and invest in local infrastructures (on-premises hosting). Local hosting is sometimes seen as the best choice for small environment, data locality and control of the asset, but this could not be further from the truth.


Just one step away from adopting cloud is HCI-as-a-Service. We help businesses to succeed via our “Cloud Journey” mission. And they gain obvious results such as reduced cost, raised performance, and improved availability. Supplementing the infrastructure with cloud services to make them even better.

Hybrid Cloud Integration

Embracing HCI does not need to exclude cloud integration. Hybrid cloud is a journey we like to help you with your specific hosting needs – Enjoy simple, optional on-ramp to cloud services, all with excellent performance at a fraction of what it would normally cost you for current IT setup!


Our journey to the cloud does not end here. Leveraging both benefits of CLOUD and pay-as-you-use (PAYU) model, we establish our name as Cloudify.Asia and commit to our service-level agreement (SLA). You will be able to roll out your plan immediately, while we take care of the rest.

Do You Have the Thoughts of:

– Modernize branch offices without breaking your budget
– Have industry-best performance for SQL Server databases
– Have virtual desktop infrastructure with edge-local access

But You Are Struck Down Because Of:

– High CAPEX with depreciation concern
– Inflexibility and inability to scale out
– Tied to specific technology or vendor

Why Hybrid Cloud?


– Offsite backup and disaster recovery
– Extend on-premises capacity


– Centralized update management
– Cloud-based monitoring
– Security and advanced threat protection
– Centralized governance across environment

1) Azure Hybrid by Design

1. Azure hybrid by design  

– Native integration with Azure Arc and Azure monitor  

– Connect to hybrid services like Azure security Center, Azure Backup, and Azure Site Recovery

2. Monitor and manage clusters at scale from Azure  

3. Centrally manage from Azure Portal  

4. Fleet management for hosts and VMs 

5. Always up to date HCI-as-a-service  

6. Regular and consistent feature and security updates  

7. Unified Azure billing  

8. Leverage existing Azure support plan

2) Enterprise Scale and Price Performance


  • Industry leading price-performance 
  • Millions of IOPs and batch requests with Storage Spaces Direct 
  • Optimized for SQL server workloads 
  • Per core monthly subscription to scale up or down
  • Secure virtualization platform for Windows and Linux 
  • Unlimited hosting of Linux VMs 
  • Choice of licenses available for Windows VMs 
  • Includes Extended Security Updates (ESU) for Windows Server 2008/R
  • Built-in HA/DR 
  • New simple Deployment GUI for clusters available through Windows Admin Center 
  • Stretch cluster: extend HCI cluster from a single site to two sites 
  • Protect VMs with cloud backup 
3) Familiar Management and Operations


  • Leverage existing skills 
  • Built on foundation of Windows Server and Hyper-V 
  • Familiar tools like Windows Server Admin Center and Azure Portal 
  • Support for Active Directory, Group Policy Object
  • Work with popular tools 
  • Work with familiar Microsoft tools such as System Center and Windows Admin Center 
  • Compatible with popular third-party tools such as Veeam, CommVault, Solarwinds etc.
  • Benefit from automation 
  • Management tasks are completely scriptable using popular, cross-platform Windows PowerShell framework 



4) Choice of Deployment Option


  • Choice of Validated Nodes or Integrated Systems  
  • Validated Nodes based on standardized reference architecture  
  • Available Integrated Systems for fastest time-to-value: pre-installed software and integrated drivers and firmware  
  • Extensive choices of OEM vendors  
  • Choose your preferred vendor for local support and delivery  
  • Flexible sizing available from small to rack class options
  • Use existing hardware  
  • Reuse your existing hardware that matches Validated Node requirements 



5) Industry-Best Performance for SQL Server Databases
  • Millions of storage IOPS and database transactions possible  
  • Leveraging the  kernel embedded architecture to ensure great performance for demanding SQL Server based application
  • Benefit from very low latency  
  • Azure Stack HCI supports NVMe, RDMA and persistent memory
  • Accelerate Azure Data Services and Big Data clusters at the edge
  • Get Extended Security Updates for free in Azure  
  • Great option for End of Support for SQL and Windows Server 2008  
  • Move SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 deployments to Azure SQL Database Managed Instance with no application code change and near-zero downtime  
  • Save up to 55 percent on SQL and Windows Server running cost with existing licenses and Azure Hybrid Benefit 
6) Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) on Azure Stack HCI


  • Quick to start hosting Linux and Windows containers in your data center  
  • Manage containerized applications with automation with AKS  
  • Simplified Kubernetes setup on Azure Stack HCI with AKS  
  • Manage and monitor Kubernetes with Azure Arc or on-premise tools  
  • Secure your container infrastructure  
  • Hypervisor-based isolation for worker nodes  
  • Linux and Windows images for worker nodes (Maintained by Microsoft)
7) True Consumption Model


  • Scalability, Flexibility and Agility In One  
  • PAY for what you need. BURSTABLE to external providers (such as public cloud) 


  • Ready Resources Are Available (NO MORE downtime due to long procurement cycle; NO MORE complaints of slow performance and slow provisioning  
  • TechFINITY enables businesses to start small and expand anytime with same contract end date. You can add dedicated backup too. 

Azure Stack HCI Use Cases

Azure Stack HCI for Branch Office and Edge

Why: High availability and resilient storage for familiar business-critical applications and new edge workloads, built on containers and Azure IoT Edge. Azure Stack HCI can offer fault tolerance and resilience in a highly cost-effective way.

– Affordable HCI for small deployments
– Truly 2-node HCI design
– High availability and resiliency at the edge
– Using Azure Stack HCI with Azure IoT Edge to deploy containerized applications

Azure Stack HCI for High-Performance Microsoft SQL Server

Why: Azure Stack HCI offers a high-performing, scalable, and manageable implementation for Microsoft SQL Server. Running SQL Server in an Azure Stack HCI cluster allows you to run SQL Server with added resiliency of virtualization.

– Enhance SQL Server performance
– Facilitate capacity/resource planning

Azure Stack HCI for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Why: VDI delivers a reliable client desktops experience by notallowing users to store data locally or upload data from any of those local devices.

– Azure services support the VDI
– Resource planning for the VDI

Azure Stack HCI for Trusted Enterprise Virtualization

Why: Azure Stack HCI provides a highly secure infrastructure for your IT workloads, using a technology called virtualization-based security (VBS).

– Azure Security Center enhances the trusted enterprise virtualization
– Resource planning for the trusted enterprise virtualization

Azure Stack HCI for Scale-Out Storage

Why: Azure Stack HCI meets file-serving requirements with high scalability, performance, and availability – all with a small hardware commitment.

– Azure File Sync supports the scale-out storage
– Resource planning for the scale-out storage

Azure Stack HCI for AI – Azure Percept

Why: Built AI engine on top of Azure Stack HCI. Deploy accelerated AI cloud workloads and your own business logic, as well as other Azure services.

– Accelerate Artificial Intelligence and machine learning
– Build and manage edge AI solutions seamlessly
– Edge AI solutions with modern security