Microsoft Azure Stack & Pack is best for

Azure consistent applications and services for ISVs
Azure services in local countries for Service Providers
Azure inspired virtualization for System Integrator

What is Azure Stack

Now organizations can build and deploy innovative applications using a consistent framework, processes, and tools across cloud and on-premises environments. Azure Stack extends Azure in your data centre and enables you to work with Azure-consistent services on–premises. Azure Stack brings the agility and innovation of cloud computing to on-premises environments, helping accelerate cloud adoption.

Control deployment options for the apps you build. Because your developers use the same approach to build apps for Azure and Azure Stack, you can easily deploy your app to either location based on regulations, the need to protect sensitive data, customization, and latency. Keep app data where it belongs—in Microsoft data centre, with a service provider, or in your own data centre.

Get to market and address customer needs faster using the rich Azure ecosystem. Speed new app development building on application components from the Azure Marketplace, including open source tools and technologies.

Power of Azure in Your Datacenter

Azure Stack Dashboard

What is Azure Pack

Windows Azure Pack brings Windows Azure technologies to the data centre, addressing a number of key requirements for service providers and enterprises who want to embrace the service provider model for delivering IT services. Windows Azure delivers an open and flexible cloud platform that enables you to quickly build, deploy, and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters.

It integrates with Windows Server, System Center, and SQL Server to offer a self-service portal and cloud services such as virtual machine hosting (IaaS), database as a service (DBaaS), scalable web app hosting (PaaS), and more.

Turning HyperV into Cloud Enabled

Azure Pack Portal with Cloud Assert Billing