VMware vCloud is best for

Advanced virtualization for enterprise customers that require a lot of customization
VMware environment that requires automation and self-service portal
AWS hybrid platform that seamlessly integrated with on-premise infrastructure

What is VMware vCloud

It proactively addresses health, performance and capacity management of IT services across heterogeneous and hybrid cloud environments in order to improve efficiency, performance, and availability. In addition, IT organizations can address cloud management requirements across Day 1 and Day 2 operations for compute, storage, network, and application level resources across private and public clouds.

vRealize Suite is composed of the following integrated features:

Automation: Self-service and policy-based infrastructure and application provisioning and management

Operations: Intelligent health, performance and capacity management with predictive analytics

Business: Automated costing, usage metering, and service pricing of virtualized infrastructure

Log Analytics: Universal log collection, powerful log analytics, and enterprise-class scalability

Turn on Cloud Capabilities in Your VMware

vRealize Business Showback Cost Analysis