Are You Ready for Cloudify.Asia Digital Launch?
  1. 10th April 9.30AM – Deploy your Multi-Cloud with Cost Management – RK – Register
  2. 17th April 9.30AM – Your Cloud, You Control – Stephen – Register
  3. 24th April 9.30AM – Supercharge your application with Multi-Cloud Availability – RK – Register

Consumable Hybrid Cloud

We put on-premise hybrid cloud; powered by Microsoft Azure, VMware vCloud and Alibaba ZStack in your customers’ datacenter in true cloud subscription model.

Bridging Cloud Tools

We distribute enterprise-class cloud tools and provide local support. These tools enable live migration, multi-cloud billing & provisioning, high availability and automation.

Connected Local Cloud

We provide local cloud resources for projects and hybrid cloud bursting at Tier 3+ data centre so you can white labelling it to keep your customers close to you.

We are ready for you!

Gavin Loh [COC]
Gavin Loh

Chief Opportunity Creator

Managing Director

Stephen Sit [COO]
Stephen Sit

Cloud Orchestration Officer

Chief Operating Officer

RK (Lee Reng Kwan) [CTO]
Reng Kwan, Lee

Cloud Transformation Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Lee Suk Yee

Digital Marketing Ambassador

Marketing Executive

Ryan Ooh

Partner Transformation Leader

SI/ISV Sales Manager


Executive Sherpa

Sales Administrator


Cloud Jedi Master

Cloud Principle Consultant


Mastermind of Growth