This is the answer to your customers who want cloud opex flexibility and expandability in their own datacenter. The offering is built on Cloudify.Asia’s strength as both Technology and Financial Provider. We convert on-premise hardware and software cost to cloud resources chargeback. Our best strength, we take the capex risk on your behalf.

True Cloud OPEX On-Premise

Cloud OPEX Subscription Model

Why are We Unique?


Based on simple resources calculation (eg. VM size A1, D1, D2)


Not based on hardware server based opex (eg. Memory, Nodes)


No PO required for expansion or increased baseline within the contract


Additional buffer is always allocated for Pay As You Use short-term consumption


Dedicated Cloud Consumption Specialist to guide placement of customers’ applications


Fixed contract period, regardless of the expansion the cloud platform


Starting price is lower than monthly leasing with ability to expand usage to Connected Local Cloud


Skilled consultant and specialist for Level 3 engagements and training

Consumable Hybrid Cloud is Powered By

Microsoft Azure

Azure Stack & Pack is an extension of Azure, bringing the agility and fast-paced innovation of cloud computing to on-premises environments.

VMware vCloud

VMware vCloud Suite is an integrated collection of VMware software products for building a private cloud infrastructure.

Alibaba ZStack

ZStack is a simplified and automated OpenStack platform that manage compute, storage and network resources.