Have you ever wondered how car usage evolution similar cloud consumption?

Evolution of Automotive Industry

Everybody dreams to own a car. This may be the most convenient way to travel around with the car in your own parking garage. Unfortunately, owning a car is expensive and you need to pay higher upfront cost and additional maintenance costs.

Taxi services were introduced in 19th century to enable passengers to travel to one location without owning a car. Then everyone can travel to their desired destination by only paying for the distance that they have travelled. However, accessibility to taxis are limited and fare- prices increases over time.

In internet era, e-hailing services was then introduced. Users can book rides by using their mobile applications. E-hailing services provide more efficient user experience with wider accessibility. Fares are more tailored and comfortable to travel with as well. However, this still doesn’t provide the comfort needed and the value for those who travel a lot.

Now, with new technology and financial model, everyone can own a car and only pay for distance travelled. These are call car subscription where you can choose your own car to fit your need. Full control and flexibility are ensured as the car now is parked right in your garage without the hassle of actual ownership. For example Renault Subscription, Nissan Subscription and BMW Easy Drive provide driving pleasure without the hassle.

Evolution of Cloud Consumption

The world of Information Technology has been a long and complex journey. IT infrastructure starts with centralised mainframe. These servers and storage are huge, complex and consume high power.

Along the years, more significant technological development took place from hardware to software. Hence, this leads to creation of virtualised servers. Virtual Machines (VM)encapsulate various applications in a small cluster of servers. These provide flexibility and reduced power consumption as well. However, owning these IT infrastructures remain to be challenging as need to pay high upfront-cost for this equipment.

As the internet bandwidth continued to grow in early 2000’s, server-less cloud era was born. Cloud enables business to effectively leverage and consume a shared pool of computing resources in a pay as you use basis. Both businesses and consumers enjoy the flexibility and scalability. However, privacy and regulation has been an issue.

Now, with Cloudify.Asia, we provide On-Premise Hybrid Cloud that enable business owners to have a full control their cloud infrastructure. It is just like having your own car in your parking garage without the hassle of high upfront cost and maintenance. This pay per use model is cost-effective with privacy ensured. Businesses now can exactly align technology expenditure with business’s requirement and growth. Cloud on your own terms.

Our Solution

Consumable Hybrid Cloud

We put on-premise hybrid cloud; powered by Microsoft Azure, VMware vCloud and Alibaba ZStack in your customers’ datacenter in true cloud subscription model.

Bridging Cloud Tools

We distribute enterprise-class cloud tools and provide local support. These tools enable live migration, multi-cloud billing & provisioning, high availability and automation.

Connected Local Cloud

We provide local cloud resources for projects and hybrid cloud bursting at Tier 3+ data centre so you can white labelling it to keep your customers close to you.