Cloudify.Asia to be a strategically aligned platform for the community in Asia that accentuate the partners’ unique core strength to strive in digital transformation era.


Cloudify.Asia empowers our partners to transform their business through simplified adoption in their multi-cloud journey.

Passionate Technologists that convert complex cloud architecture to simple a, b, c


Cloudify.Asia is a 100% channel company that helps System Integrators, Resellers, ISVs and Cloud Providers to adapt to new digital cloud transformation through ease of adopting hybrid cloud technologies and cloud tools so that they can establish their own cloud brand.

Our Story

Started in the year 2017, our founders started to realize that a lot of system integrators, independent software vendors, cloud providers and resellers unable to provide end to end cloud solutions to their customers. In this cloud 2.0 era, customers constantly require flexible multi-cloud resources anywhere, anytime and anyplace while restricted to regulation, compliance and financial challenges.

A team of various IT background was then formed to help these partners to go through this digital transformation era. These are industry experts that know cloud solutions in and out, whether in deploying, managing and connecting multi-cloud.

However, we know that understanding the technologies well is not enough. We also look into the financial angle to be able to provide hardware, software and services in subscription models. Thus, we combine both technology and finance into a term called TechFin (Technology Financing).

At the same time, we are constantly engaging with various industry leading cloud tools providers to bring these capabilities into this region. We assist these principals to expand to this region so that our partners able to utilize these tools to enhance their services.

This is just the beginning of our journey and we look forward to having you be part of this transformation adventure.

Our Positioning

Meet The Team

Gavin Loh [COC]
Gavin Loh

Chief Opportunity Creator

Managing Director

Stephen Sit [COO]
Stephen Sit

Cloud Orchestration Officer

Chief Operating Officer

RK (Lee Reng Kwan) [CTO]
Reng Kwan, Lee

Cloud Transformation Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Ryan Ooh

Partner Transformation Leader

SI/ISV Sales Manager


Executive Sherpa

Sales Administrator


Mastermind of Growth